Himecho@Yasushi | Nozawaonsen, Japan

Green Season 2020

The snow was late this year but carried into a wonderfully long season. Sadly, by March, few could enjoy the wonderful Spring skiing conditions as the viral outbreak curtailed travel plans everywhere.

As the world grapples with the challenges brought about by the COVID19 outbreak, our village has decided to restrict movement in and out of the village as much as possible. To that end, Residence Yasushi and Himecho@Yasushi will not be taking reservations over the next few months. As many are experiencing globally, this Spring in Nozawaonsen will be a quiet home bound time.

We will review the situation in the summer for the feasibility of an autumn opening, but are very hopeful we will all be able to enjoy winter freely again. Bookings for winter 2020/2021 are now open. We know these are fluid conditions and will be incorporating additional flexibility for guests given the fluid conditions of global travel. We are, for example, offering late pre-payment deadlines for confirmed bookings and will align with global health and travel advisories as they evolve later in the year.

In the meantime, we wish all our friends good health. Keep safe!!

Himecho@Yasushi | Nozawaonsen, Japan

Himecho@Yasushi Opens

Himecho@Yasushi launched into the Christmas and New Year season with gusto!!
Our very first guests arrived before Christmas. It was really lovely to see Himecho@Yasushi filled with happy faces and much laughter. So far so good!! While we expected teething issues with a new property, we’ve been surprised at how well the planning our team did prior to opening has ensured a smooth launch. We have had the best guests and are delighted they enjoyed their stays. Everyone has been thrilled with this latest addition!!
Of course, the only thing we could not plan for was the weather and the snow came late this year… Guests arriving earlier in the season discovered instead, the many different activities and attractions of Nozawaonsen. This village has so much to offer - from the iconic onsens and massges, to fabulous walks - on snow shoes or in hiking boots, to cooking and craft lessons.
As one might expect, being in the top agricultural regions of Nagano and Niigata, the myriad gastronomic offerings cleave to a very high standard. With more time away from the slopes, many were encouraged to take strolls through the village and try the restaurants and cafes located a little further away. There is so much yummy food to be had here!!
Tia and Tyson have opened IVY, an absolutely charming Wine and Tapas bar in the historic bar space here. Now the snow has come in hard, this is a perfect stop as you come off the slopes. It’s just minutes from the moving walkway from Hikage so come and unwind for a relaxing apres ski tipple and nibble.
Come visit us soon!!! We’ve been pretty fully booked, but it is still possible to come later in the season…
Happy 2020!!!

In preparation for 2019 White Season

In May, Residence Yasushi took on the renovation of Himecho. We have been busy bringing modern infrastructure to a historic house with well over a century of history - one of the oldest residences in Nozawaonsen, in preparation for the discerning guests that we welcome at Resident Yasushi.

This December, Himecho@Yasushi will be relaunched as part of Residence Yasushi’s accommodation offering. This gives us a villa we can offer to private groups - a frequent request over our first year of operation.  It brings this lovely old building, located in the quiet Ogama district, back to its roots. The old Himecho was previously a ryokan welcoming guests visiting the onsen and slopes of Nozawa Onsen. Guests enjoyed its central position and warm hospitality.

Updating this wonderful old machiya-style house with more modern lifestyle elements has been a labour of love and an exercise in finding creative solutions to what often appeared as insurmountable conundrums; when space constraints and respect for a traditional layout collided with the improvements necessary to modern lifestyles. We are proud to have created atmospheric living spaces for guests to relax in together without foregoing modern conveniences.

We hope you will agree that the attention to detail our guests have enjoyed at Residence Yasushi has been replicated in this unique, intimate and historic setting. Step out of your front door and watch vegetables and eggs being cooked by villagers (note, only villagers allowed!) in the Ogama hots springs.

Himecho@Yasushi is ideal for families and private groups who believe a deeper taste of a Japanese lifestyle will enhance their visit.  Japan's traditional intimate abodes with elegant, pared down essentials and an eye for detail and quality are our inspiration here. 

Sneak Preview
Himecho is taking on its final shape now! Check out the Gallery too!!


9298 Toyosato, Nozawaonsen, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture 389-2502, Japan

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