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A traditional machiya style house where you can live in authentic Japanese style!

Himecho is located at the foot of the Yu Road moving walkway with direct access to the Hikage ski area, and is close to Ogama, the spiritual heart of the village. It is a historic machiya-style townhouse, unique in Nozawa Onsen, and accommodates families or groups of up to 12 adults comfortably.

Come and experience a holiday steeped in tradition. Himecho’s five simple, comfortable rooms are typical of bedrooms in a traditional village house. You’ll be sleeping on futons on tatami, although your futons will be built up for a softer feel as generally preferred by our non-Japanese guests. All bedrooms are spacious and bright spaces.

A private dining area on the first floor, as well as a sitting room on the ground level next to the entrance hall or genkan provide comfortable spaces to enjoy some board games or chilling out after a day out.

Traditional Japanese homes do not have ensuite facilities. Toilets are a few steps down the hallway near the bedrooms, and there is a spacious ofuro bathroom on the ground floor. Don’t forget though, there are also Nozawaonsen’s famed public onsens with therapeutic waters you must try!

There are several "soto-yu” or public baths within easy reach of Himecho. Since the Edo period, Nozawaonsen has been famed for the waters of its different onsen “soto-yu”. You will often spot visitors and locals wandering around the village in yukatas, with towels thrown around their necks and toting a basket of toileteries, on their way to enjoying the different waters.

Still, we live in today’s world and there’s WiFi throughout the house!

Start each day with a continental breakfast buffet in the dining room. The Yu Road is a short walk away if you are heading up to the Hikage slopes. Ski the same slopes of Japan’s greatest winter athletes; Nozawaonsen is home to over a dozen former Winter Olympians for good reason!!

From breakfast to dinner, Nozawaonsen’s restaurants offer a broad choice of cuisines. If you would like a change from a continental breakfast, you’ll find street vendors selling steamed oyaki buns, breakfast burgers bars, and a cooked western breakfast all within a few minutes walk. Lunch and dinner options abound. Our favourites range broadly across the price and cuisine spectrum.

Within Himecho’s premises, you’ll also find a small intimate restaurant run by chef Kazuma Kameda from January 2019. Chef Kameda conjures up elegant treats with the best of local ingredients. The attention to detail and creativity that has garnered Chef Kameda a following at Maison de Nature in Obuse-machi will now be showcased over the winter at Himecho. Our small intimate restaurant is perfect for a quiet elegant dinner for two or indeed, a group of friends/family seeking a private chef par excellence for a special celebration. Itadakimasu! いただきます! Bon appetit!

The entire property is non-smoking, and up to three persons can share each room. Himecho is ideal for a private party of up to 12 adults. Please enquire about availability.

Check-in at Himecho’s sister hotel, Residence Yasushi - where we can complete formalities and organise transfers for your luggage. We understand that our guests at Himecho value their privacy and independence but will not neglect your comfort. Throughout your stay the concierge at Residence Yasushi will be at your service.

Himecho offers a wonderful Japanese cultural experience where you will live and ski like the dozen and more of Japan’s Winter Olympians!!

PRICES FROM JP¥ 90,000 B&B per night
(12 adults comfortably in five rooms)  

Accomodation | Himecho, Nozawaonsen, Japan


-Less than 5 minutes from moving walkway "Yu Road". 5 minutes from the village centre and Nozawaonsen Morning Market.

-Experience real Japanese baths in Nozawa Onsen Village's many onsens. It's in the name, after all! The iconic Oyu is a short walk away!

- Here for this season (we’re working on exciting new plans), Himecho offers a true Japanese experience at some not to be repeated rates. Simple traditional, comfortable, secure rooms with no fussy add-ons pare living essentials to their Zen-like core.

-Himecho maintains all of its authentic machiya interiors: shoji paper screens, Japanese-style seating, tatami tiles, onsen communal bath... a warm welcoming bed and breakfast in a traditional Japanese home!

Facilities | Himecho, Nozawaonsen, Japan


From Iiyama Shinkansen station, there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the village centre. Himecho is just a 10 minute walk from the central bus station. Don’t forget to send your luggage ahead using the takkyubin luggage courier service. Alternatively, let us know if you are coming with your luggage and we can help arrange for a taxi pick up from the train station.

House Facilities:
-Free WiFi
-Self-service beverages and continental breakfast
-Family ofuro bath with three wash stalls
-4 public baths within 5 minute walk, dozens more within 20 minutes walk radius
-Luggage storage

Don’t forget to send your luggage ahead using the takkyubin service at the airport or at your hotel. 

In & Around | Himecho, Nozawasonsen, Japan

The Village and Beyond

Nozawaonsen is a historical onsen resorts in Japan. While the winter season sees the biggest influx of visitors who come for the unparalleled skiing, some of our most discerning guests also come during the calmer green season to enjoy the many baths and bucolic rural charm of the region.

When the snow falls, Nozawaonsen offers more of an all round winter holiday than purely a skiing holiday. It is ideal for groups and families comprising skiers and non-skiers. Experience the deep and authentic culture of a village established as a vacation retreat over the centuries. Besides the acclaimed ski area, the food, famous hot springs and the renowned fire festival of Nozawaonsen sets this resort apart from others.

The village features some amazing traditional architecture with temples, shrines, hot spring establishments, traditional ryokan and free foot baths along many of its streets. Soak your tired feet in one bath while waiting for your onsen eggs to cook in traditional onsen waters! Even though the village is small, over 100 restaurants and bars are open during peak ski season. The range of cuisine is broad - from well known western-style bars to small hole in the wall shokudo, and of a quality that will please any gourmand.

Explore beyond Nozawaonsen village too. There is much to see and do. There are some not to be missed activities and sights you might like to consider, and we would be delighted to help you make your arrangements.

Although the village has several different festivals and celebrations throughout the year, any visitors fortunate enough to be in Nozawaonsen early in the New Year on January 15th should not miss the spectacular Dosonjin Fire Festival, one of the most famous and exciting fire festivals in Japan. 


In and around Himecho and Nozawaonsen

Dōsojin Fire Festival

The village's most important festival is the Nozawaonsen Fire Festival or the Nozawaonsen no dōsojin matsuri held every January 15. It forms part of a nationwide culture of honouring folk deities and in particular Dosojin. The festival attracts many visitors and accommodation is often booked a year in advance.

This is a three-day event, with the most visible element being the battle to burn down a three storey wooden shrine called the shadan, on the evening of January 15. Planning takes place much before this period though; the wood that make up the shadan is chosen, cut, and brought down from the mountain to the village during the previous autumn. The whole event showcases the continuing community spirit in the village, with the many visitors who arrive welcome as spectators to this age old tradition.


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